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Anthony Mason was more than a beast on the court while he played for the New York Knicks, he was a style innovator. Can you name another celebrity who had a design laced into his head back then when he played for the Knicks? You probably can’t because it was he and the staff at Cutty’s that brought this style to the forefront of the hip hop community! If you were from Queens and you didn’t get laced up at Cutty’s then your haircut game simply wasn’t up to par. For years this was the place to be and it was guaranteed that when you walked out of there, everyone would be checking out that crazy design you had.
Whether it was someone smoking a blunt carved into your head or ceelo dice, whatever you desired, you were going to get. However, just like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Well that’s exactly what happened. The people who were getting these designs grew up and the style changed and so did a dynasty.
Over time everything changes. From the styles of clothes you wear, to the way you wear your hair. It went from skin fades and designs, to blowouts and corn rolls which dominated the scene for years. Everyone from pro athletes to hip hop royalty had one. Method Man rocking half a fro, half corn rolls in videos, Latrell Sprewell sporting zig zag pattern corn rolls while going up for a monster slam as a Knick. Then suddenly, kids started rocking flat tops and Cazals again. Mohawks are now a craze amongst today’s younger generation… and sure enough so are designs



The Hustle has managed to replicate exactly what has been proven over and over again by bringing yesterdays flavor and adding it to today’s modern swag. By combining designs that are on a totally different level, they’ve expanded on anything Cutty’s ever did. Is it a sculpture your looking to have carved into your head? An abstract piece that’s meant to represent your wild side?

20130827-180547.jpgThe Hustle has a barber that can make any vision a possibility. The staff at the Hustle has proven time and again that they are top notch stylists by creating master pieces that blow their clients minds. Having clients travel from all over the tristate area to go get laced up says a lot and what makes it even better is that they are coming to where it all started from, Queens! While it may not yet be as history rich as Cutty’s, the Hustle has taken the reins and become the home of the elite Queens Stylist Cru!




Dexter Aviles

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