Drastic Autoclub BBQ 2013

It was my first time at the Annual Drastic BBQ (the 12th they’ve had) and it was a great experience. So great that I was a disappointed I hadn’t made it to one before. Drastic AutoClub was started in 1994 by Marvin Shivnarian. Though still quiet here on the East Coast it was inspiring to see how this Low Rider culture has grown. Don’t get it twisted, Drastic has been rockin the scene hitting switches on the mean streets of NYC for almost 20 years and they had a nice display of there team reppin at a great event and BBQ. The Rotten Apple, their latest creation, has finally landed on the scene in New York and I must say the photos do it no justice!  You have to see this brand of greatness in person but here are some pics of the Lowriders that were at the BBQ to tied you over.  Stay tuned on our upcoming feature on Drastic CC Auto Club.

The Rotten Applehus (11 of 34)hus (3 of 34)hus (2 of 34)

hus (5 of 34)hus (15 of 34)Artist Technician productions
hus (21 of 34)hus (20 of 34)Preparing for the hoppin battle Vice Prez  Mr. Bean lets it be known
hus (29 of 34)

The Prez and his wife Marvin & Marsha Shivnarian

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1st Annual Customer Appreciation Day BBQ

The day, July 7, 2013 started early with help from some of the family and crew, Dex and El Barbero. It was a hot successful day filled with good company and great food shared amidst a few of our supporters that always show love and we wanted to give a little back! We thank you all for coming out and appreciate the continued support. “No Hustle No Profit”

cam (8 of 164)Much love!!

cam (69 of 164)“No Hustle No Profit”
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Food was cooked and eaten with love!

cam (33 of 164)Sam the face painter showing the skills!

cam (77 of 164)cam (61 of 164)cam (95 of 164)THANK YOU FOR THE HUSTLE!

Ball Up Streetball

As you might recall several years ago, there was a new type of baller on TV. The phenomenon we call And1 Basketball was born, and with it came a new type of player, the street baller. People were drawn to their tricks and high flying acrobatics on the court. The euphoria they brought to their audience was second to none. But just as quickly as they crashed on the scene they were gone, And1 was no more.

Fortunately for those of us who yearned to see more of the non stop action, there is a fix. And1 developed into the Ball Up Streetball team. The moves are back, the fierce dunks are back, and the charismatic streetballers are doing it up once again! We at the Hustle Barbershop have had the honor of having Special FX a.k.a 718, bless us with his presence for some time now. He is the heart of the team and we’re thankful for keeping him looking fresh while he punishes the rim! Here he is with some of the Ball Up Streetball team as they came to visit the Hustle. The Air Up There, Baby Shaq, Springs, and Special FX took some time to take a few pics with Ralph and Kal. You can find them on tour this summer, live or on TV, keeping the crowd hyped and off their seats! …. 50Kal.

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