Styles reemerging after decades



Anthony Mason was more than a beast on the court while he played for the New York Knicks, he was a style innovator. Can you name another celebrity who had a design laced into his head back then when he played for the Knicks? You probably can’t because it was he and the staff at Cutty’s that brought this style to the forefront of the hip hop community! If you were from Queens and you didn’t get laced up at Cutty’s then your haircut game simply wasn’t up to par. For years this was the place to be and it was guaranteed that when you walked out of there, everyone would be checking out that crazy design you had.
Whether it was someone smoking a blunt carved into your head or ceelo dice, whatever you desired, you were going to get. However, just like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Well that’s exactly what happened. The people who were getting these designs grew up and the style changed and so did a dynasty.
Over time everything changes. From the styles of clothes you wear, to the way you wear your hair. It went from skin fades and designs, to blowouts and corn rolls which dominated the scene for years. Everyone from pro athletes to hip hop royalty had one. Method Man rocking half a fro, half corn rolls in videos, Latrell Sprewell sporting zig zag pattern corn rolls while going up for a monster slam as a Knick. Then suddenly, kids started rocking flat tops and Cazals again. Mohawks are now a craze amongst today’s younger generation… and sure enough so are designs



The Hustle has managed to replicate exactly what has been proven over and over again by bringing yesterdays flavor and adding it to today’s modern swag. By combining designs that are on a totally different level, they’ve expanded on anything Cutty’s ever did. Is it a sculpture your looking to have carved into your head? An abstract piece that’s meant to represent your wild side?

20130827-180547.jpgThe Hustle has a barber that can make any vision a possibility. The staff at the Hustle has proven time and again that they are top notch stylists by creating master pieces that blow their clients minds. Having clients travel from all over the tristate area to go get laced up says a lot and what makes it even better is that they are coming to where it all started from, Queens! While it may not yet be as history rich as Cutty’s, the Hustle has taken the reins and become the home of the elite Queens Stylist Cru!




Bon Voyage Brother, See Ya Later!


It’s with great joy and equally great sadness that we say “See Ya Later!” to our brother Ralph El Barbero! Our brother has taken his talents to Tampa where he’s reunited with his beautiful family and where big, BIG things await. We celebrated his going away the way the Hustle does everything; DEEP! Friends and family came by the shop during the day and that night, the gang damn near took over the garden at Studio Square celebrating into the wee, wee, wee hours! (Seriously, its a wonder this dude made his flight!) Its needless to say that this grand persona will be missed at the shop but I’m gonna say it anyway! We gon’ miss ya bro!

We love you brother, we thank you for your years of service but now its on to bigger and better things. God Bless and God Speed!















PED’s & Sports

Today, there are more and more athletes testing positive for banned substances throughout professional sports especially baseball. First and foremost, this article isn’t about condoning there use but rather to just offering a different point of view as to why they are being used. Millions of people play baseball across the globe, thousands play in some sort of professional level, and only a select few make to the big show. As children they all dreamed of making it but only a small percent actually do and believe it or not, the bummiest player in MLB today is probably 10 times better than anyone you know. Do you how much hard work goes into making to the big leagues? How many sacrifices these select few have to make just to get there?
All of the early morning practices and two a day workouts may not be enough for them to keep their spot, especially when there’s always someone younger ready, willing, and able to take their spot. This thought alone may cause some to juice because they are unwilling to lose their spot on their ball club because in actuality this is all they know. Imagine being a 16 year old kid and being told to drop out of school to pursue a career in baseball, which believe it or not happens quite often. Then fast forward to 12 years later, that 16 year old kid is now a 28 year old man and has no marketable skills to pursue a career outside of baseball. Yeah he may only be making 60K or so in the minors but at least he’s making something doing what he loves. Suddenly some young phenom shows up 17 years old plays 3 times better than he does at the same position. So what choice does the 28 year old ball player with no real marketable skills have other than to juice to keep up with this young phenom. Is it a risk? Of course it is but for the 28 year old afraid of losing everything to this young 17 year old its well worth it.
Now lets look at it from the 17 year olds perspective, yeah he knows he’s good. He has God given talent and he excelled rather easily through his just beginning career. However, now he’s surrounded by grown men, bigger, stronger, and faster then he is. He must be 175 pounds soaking wet and his trainers want him to add at least 30 pounds of muscle in 6-7 months and still expect him to be as fast as he is at 175 pounds. Can you imagine the immense pressure on the young kid, who is far away from everything he knows and his support system, while being forced to grow up fast and make adult decisions that he is unprepared for? So what happens? He decides to follow those adults surrounding him and try PED’s, before he knows it, he puts on those extra 30 pounds of muscle and he’s even faster than he was before he started using them. He’s driving the ball further and stealing more bases then he could have ever imagined. Within a year he signs his first major contract for a million dollars.
Now he’s no longer that young kid who was wet behind the ears, now he’s a grown man who’s putting up huge numbers and he’s about to sign a new deal worth over a hundred million. Only problem is he can’t live up to the contract without juicing. He has to keep up those 50 home run seasons, with 30 plus stolen bases, and .659 slugging percentage. He wants to rely on his God given talent but he needs something to get him over the hump especially after suffering that ACL tear last season. Now for the average person that would mean no more beer league softball but he has to come back and still put up those same numbers. How’s little Jimmy going to feel now that his idol ain’t got it no more.
Basically what I’m trying to say is everything boils down to choices and I do believe that using PED’s are the wrong choice but maybe we need to look at why these athletes are making that choice. Little Jimmy’s idol shouldn’t be a big leaguer, his idol should be his dad. That young kid who dropped out of school to play pro ball should have received an education to make him more marketable if baseball didn’t work out. Instead of just suspensions and life time bans maybe we need to look at the causes for PED use and educate those coming about the negative choices they can make that will lead them down the PED road. Maybe they need a Hustle mentality instead of juicing.


Drastic Autoclub BBQ 2013

It was my first time at the Annual Drastic BBQ (the 12th they’ve had) and it was a great experience. So great that I was a disappointed I hadn’t made it to one before. Drastic AutoClub was started in 1994 by Marvin Shivnarian. Though still quiet here on the East Coast it was inspiring to see how this Low Rider culture has grown. Don’t get it twisted, Drastic has been rockin the scene hitting switches on the mean streets of NYC for almost 20 years and they had a nice display of there team reppin at a great event and BBQ. The Rotten Apple, their latest creation, has finally landed on the scene in New York and I must say the photos do it no justice!  You have to see this brand of greatness in person but here are some pics of the Lowriders that were at the BBQ to tied you over.  Stay tuned on our upcoming feature on Drastic CC Auto Club.

The Rotten Applehus (11 of 34)hus (3 of 34)hus (2 of 34)

hus (5 of 34)hus (15 of 34)Artist Technician productions
hus (21 of 34)hus (20 of 34)Preparing for the hoppin battle Vice Prez  Mr. Bean lets it be known
hus (29 of 34)

The Prez and his wife Marvin & Marsha Shivnarian

hus (24 of 34)

The Evolution of the Modern Barbershop

We have all been to barbershops starting from when our parents took us to the old men whose shop was always empty and they exclusively used scissors. Back then I could never really understand what the true meaning of going to the barbershop meant. Today, as a grown man, I can truly appreciate what the definition of a barbershop is. A barbershop is a place where you can go to escape the troubles of your day. Where you can go and strike up conversations with people you would normally never have any dealings with. It’s where sport fans can go and represent their favorite teams, while at the same time defend their passion for their team against rival fans. Most importantly though, the barbershop is a place where all who go find common ground because you know for a fact, no matter how bad you looked when you walked in, you were going to walk out feeling and looking like a million bucks.
Now there are numerous barbershops to choose from but choosing the correct one is instrumental in completing your transformation from a rugged individual, to the dapper don that’s going to be the talk of the town when he hits the streets. Beside making individuals look their best when they leave the shop, barbers have become social workers and therapists. A good barber can sense the tension their client is experiencing and offer input to the individual, allowing them to get a grasp on the situation while making them look great at the same time. Believe it or not, the ability of a barber to connect with their client is uncanny and is exactly what I mean by the evolution of the modern barbershop.
I’ve been to a few barbershops in my time but out of all the shops that I’ve been to none of them compare to the Hustle. Never in my life have I been to a shop where every barber in there knew the name of everyone walking in, including individuals who are not their customers. Where the shop recognized the importance of opening early to ensure that entire wedding parties got laced for that special event, or birthday boys received free haircuts without even mentioning it was their birthday. If that is not the definition of customer appreciation, then I do not know what is. Name a barbershop that throws any type of functions for their customers and not expect anything other than for them to show up and have a great time with their family and fellow customers. Having a hard time thinking of one? Well that because there is only one barbershop that does this, The Hustle!
Walking into most barbershops you will find pale colors decorating their walls, you may even see some pictures of famous people here and there but it’s decor is so bland that you can never find a welcoming atmosphere there. It’s just an in and out quick transaction. Not at the Hustle. From the moment you arrive the 3 canvases on the wall immediately grab your attention. The bright colors on the walls are warm and inviting, and the conversations are captivating. It’s no surprise that you can find customers in there hours after they finished getting their hair cut because they are knee deep in conversation. The Hustle is the very essence of the evolution of the modern barbershop, for the the simple fact that it can be equated to being a home away from home. Whether its a simple cut, baldy, fade, taper, Afro, design, or caesar you’re looking for, this is the place to get it. In addition to that, you’ll also be able to find exclusive head wear and tee shirts that you will not find elsewhere. So next time you’re in Queens, look them up, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!